Flu & Strep Testing

Flu & Strep Testing in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

The flu and strep infections are different and caused by different things, but they’re both hard to tolerate. Many people end up looking for a pharmacy in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, for assistance and help with finding out what they have. At Fairbanks Pharmacy, we can provide quick and accurate flu and strep tests.

Many patients tell us they were looking for a pharmacy near them or a drugstore near them to get some much-needed relief until they found us. We want our patients to know that they’ll be taken care of thanks to our team of experts and up-to-date equipment.

Flu vs. Strep Infection

The flu, or influenza, is caused by a virus. It usually manifests as a high fever with generalized aches and pains. A strep infection is a bacterial infection that predominantly presents as a sore throat. The flu is more of a systemic condition since most patients can’t localize their symptoms to one area of the body. Strep infections are localized to the throat in most cases.

Both conditions are usually self-limited, but drugs can be given to decrease their duration and make patients more comfortable. The first step is proper diagnosis.

Testing at Fairbanks

At Fairbanks Pharmacy, we have flu and strep tests. If you want to get tested, you can visit us between 10 am and 3 pm Mondays to Fridays. If you want to come in at another time, you can always schedule an appointment over the phone. Give us a call at 858-759-6625.

Flu and strep testing cost $50. Based on your diagnosis, we can prescribe you something to make you more comfortable. We can also bill prescriptions-extra to your insurance company, so you don’t have to pay out of pocket.

Rest assured that the flu and strep throat are benign conditions in the vast majority of people. Only those who are immunocompromised are at risk of developing serious complications. We won’t hesitate to refer you to a physician if we believe you need further medical assistance.

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