Immunizations in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Fairbanks Pharmacy is a pharmacy in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, that can provide its patients with immunizations. We provide a wide variety of immunizations, and you’ll find all the ones you and your loved ones are required to take right here.

If you’re looking for a drugstore near you that provides immunizations, we can do the job. We think it’s important for a community and area to have a place where they can go to get their immunizations. This increases a person’s likelihood of getting immunized and is good for the entire community.

Importance of Immunizations

Immunizations are given to protect people from different diseases caused by microorganisms. There are different types of vaccines available. Some use a portion of the organism or a live but weakened form of it. The goal is to stimulate the immune system.

Our immune systems have trouble dealing with things they see for the first time. When we give a vaccine, the immune system recognizes the organism and can then fight it when an actual infection is about to happen.

Vaccines are protective not just for the person receiving them, but for the entire immunity. It can also lead to the eradication of diseases as everyone becomes immune.

What We Offer

At Fairbanks Pharmacy, you can receive a host of vaccines all in one place. We have the flu, MMR, pneumococcal, shingles, Hep A, Hep B, Tdap, TD, meningococcal, HPV, and travel vaccines. Many of these are given over several doses, like the MMR vaccine.

The flu vaccine is given once a year at the very beginning of winter. Those with chronic lung conditions and people over 60 are strongly encouraged to take it, but it’s important for all ages too. At Fairbanks Pharmacy, we have a team that can administer these vaccines and have been doing this for several years.

If you have any questions about vaccines or want to inquire about instructions from your physician, you can get in touch with us, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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