Medication Synchronizations

Medication Synchronizations in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

The more medications a person has to keep up with, the harder it gets. At Fairbanks Pharmacy in Rancho Santa Fe, California, we can help you with your refills. Having a dependable pharmacy that knows your needs and medication requirements can make all the difference in your health.

We understand the difficulties patients have keeping up with their treatments and the hazards that can result. We’re a pharmacy in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, that offers medication synchronization, so you never have to miss a dose again.

Problems Patients Face

The first and most obvious issue many patients face is that they simply have to take too many medications. This is common in people with multiple comorbidities. If you have to take drugs for your blood pressure, diabetes, and heart, it’s going to be hard to know how much you have left of each and when you need to take them.

Another major issue is that patients end up searching for a “drugstore near me” because they don’t know any close pharmacies. Not having easy access to a pharmacy or drugstore to pick up your medications can make life unnecessarily difficult.

Medication Synchronization

At Fairbanks Pharmacy, we offer what is called medication synchronization, where we use a program called Med Sync to take better care of you. This program helps us coordinate each patient’s drugs and when they need refills.

That way, when you come in to pick up your blood pressure medication, we remind you to pick up your antacids too (if they’re one of your drugs). You won’t have to make several trips to the drugstore or panic about forgetting a drug. Med Sync makes sure you have all you need to be compliant so you can keep improving your health.

One of our other services is medication delivery. If you don’t live nearby and can’t leave the house, we’ll send your medications to your home.

All you have to do is get in touch with us so we can sign you up for Med Sync.

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