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Pet Medications in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

As much as we hate it and hope it never happens, our pets get sick just like we do. Depending on why they’re sick, they might need medications to get better. That’s when people start looking for compounding pharmacy near them or a drug store near them. At Fairbanks Pharmacy in Rancho Santa Fe, California, we can take great care of your pets.

Experienced pet owners know that trying to give animals the drugs they need can be a nightmare. Through compounding, we can make giving your pet medications much easier here at Fairbanks Pharmacy.

What Is Compounding?

Compounding involves adjusting drug doses and forms for easier administration. This can include changing a drug from oral to an injection or adding flavors to it. People look for a compounding pharmacy near them for various reasons.

While animals need compounding for easier drug administration, it’s commonly done for people’s medications too. Compounding requires special equipment and constant training by a licensed pharmacist. Both of these are available at Fairbanks Pharmacy. We’ve been doing this for years, and hundreds of people benefitted from our compounding services.

Compounding and Pet Medications

Cats hate pills and the way they taste. Dogs don’t like receiving liquid meds. Birds can’t consume too much liquid. How does one overcome these obstacles to treat the pet they dearly love? Compounding is the answer.

We can add flavor to your cat’s pills to make them easier to swallow. Your dog’s liquid medication can be changed into a pill that can be placed inside one of their treats. We can also concentrate the drug targeting your bird, so it doesn’t have to consume excessive amounts of liquid.

These adjustments don’t affect the quality or effect of the drug. Our goal is to give your pet the same drug and efficiency but through a more pleasant or appetizing medium. The days of your pet running away out of fear of having to take a drug it hates are over. To find out more, visit or call us at any time.

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